We help you take charge of your own health and wellbeing


We inform you on how to take care of your gut health, physical strength and overall immunity so you can be fit and healthy.


We educate you on how to handle stress, let go of pent-up emotions, and be calm and clear so you can experience peace and joy.


We inspire you to get in touch with your dreams and gain confidence in your abilities so you can live a life of passion and purpose.

We use a holistic approach


We help you understand your unique body, mind and emotions, and how they help and hinder you in living your dream life.


We guide you to make changes to your daily lifestyle to address your specific health and emotional challenges.


We educate you on how to stay disciplined with healthy habits and make them a consistent part of you daily life.

We utilize Ayurveda, a 5000-year-old science of healing, as our foundation

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    Ayurveda which means “Knowledge of life” is a 5000-year old science of healing from India. The science’s primary goal is to promote health, and encourage vitality, rejuvenation and long life.

    We can help you in many ways


    You join our online memberships plans to access videos, recipes and premium content that address stress or specific health challenges, and join our community to get support in achieving your goals.

    Health Counseling

    You work with an Ayurvedic expert to discover your body type and understand the causes behind your health conditions, and get personalized recommendations with diet, exercise and other remedies to get you back to good health.

    Intensive programs

    You get regular monthly coaching with an Ayurvedic expert to get personalized recommendations to address specific health concerns, receive support to stay disciplined and consistent, and access diet charts, sleep protocols and other materials.

    Here are what people are saying about our work


    “I really enjoyed working with Sriram. His guidance helped me explore different aspects of my reactions to situations so I could better understand my sources of stress and anxiety. The various exercises we worked on (ranging from diet and suggested foods to conversations with my wife and children) really helped me rethink what I wanted out of my relationships with people dear to me and my relationship with food. It pushed me, in a supportive way, to reassess some key and basic daily behaviors. I would highly recommend working with Sriram.”


    “I started working with Sriram because I had digestion issues and felt depleted of my energy despite eating well and exercising. Sriram was able to help me understand what was going on with my imbalances and that awareness allowed me to be intentional about my diet and the habits I had to focus on to bring me back to balance. In a matter of weeks by following his recommendations the irritation and digestive issues I had cleared up and I’m feeling energized and strong. Sriram is a great listener and encouraging and helps you see the possibilities despite any pain or ailments that I was experiencing. He has an ability to connect physical symptoms to deeper root causes that I did not realize were impacting me such as my mindset. He’s an effective and empathetic coach and teacher, I highly recommend him!” 


    “I feel empowered, food can be either a medicine or poison. I feel like I’ve broken my sugar craving”

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