What is a wellness path?

A wellness path is a set of solutions that address a particular health condition or emotional challenge that you face in life. “Losing Weight Naturally”, “Letting Go of the Pressure to Perform” are two examples of wellness paths. These paths are available when you join our membership program. The solutions for a wellness path are based on the principles of Ayurveda.

How do I participate in a wellness path?

You get access to wellness paths when you join our membership program. You can begin by taking this Ayurveda wellness survey. After you join, you get immediate access to all our wellness paths. You will also get access to new wellness paths, that address new health and emotional challenges, as we add them to the membership platform.

What do I get in a wellness path?

Once you take the Ayurveda wellness survey [LINK TO SURVEY], you get a detailed wellness survey result that includes your own unique Ayurvedic body type, the current health of your body, mind and spirit, and root causes for your current health conditions.

Within each wellness path, you’ll get videos that can help you achieve the goals of the wellness path. You will find videos that describe a daily lifestyle plan, contain home remedies, meal strategies, yoga sequences and other diet and lifestyle routines specific for that wellness path. You will also find videos and worksheets on neuro coaching that can help you get organized to incorporate these recommendations into your lifestyle.

What other support do I get with the membership program?

As part of our membership program, you get to join our members only private Facebook group. In this group, you will get access to other content including recipes, exercise routines and other healthy lifestyle habits. You will be able to join our regular webinars and live stream where you will learn more about your body and health, and get answers to your questions. You get to participate in weekly or monthly wellness challenges where you will learn from your peers and inspire others.

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