Our Story

Why we exist

We want to inspire people to live unburdened.  
We help people take charge of their own health and emotions

How do we do this

We believe if your body is healthy, mind is clear and calm, senses are unobstructed, and spirit is fulfilled, then you’re on your path to live a life that is unburdened

And we want you to feel that way every day

Using principles of the powerful science of Ayurveda we help you:

  • Customize your daily diet and lifestyle habits to get and stay healthy
  • Cultivate positive thought and speech patterns that nourish your mind

We also educate you on how to be more self-aware and in-tune with yourself – because that is when you truly start to own your body and life.

About Sriram Moorthy

Sriram is constantly striving to grow personally and emotionally as a human being and help people do the same. He founded Ved Living in 2013 with a mission to guide people to become more self-aware and create their own path to a healthy and happy life.

He has helped clients throughout the US overcome health challenges, reduce stress, become disciplined with healthy diet and lifestyle habits, and make choices to live a life of passion and purpose. He developed customized Ayurvedic wellness plans for community health nurses and their supervisors working in Ghana Health System to address work-related stress, and improve their strength and wellbeing. Sriram offers private consultations, group workshops, online wellness plans, and specialized Ayurvedic therapies to help people feel better every day.

Sriram’s career began in the telecommunications industry. After 15 years of working as an engineer and strategist, he decided to leave his career and follow his real passion of spirituality and wellness. He joined the Ayurveda practitioner program at Dinacharya Institute in NY and completed the program in 2011. He then trained in advanced pulse assessment and marma therapy from the Art of Living Foundation. He has travelled extensively both in India and US working with and learning from seasoned Ayurvedic physicians.

Sriram wrote an eBook about how to naturally beat fatigue, boost energy and feel rejuvenated.


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