We guide you to live a life of passion and purpose

And address your whole health and wellness


We help you understand your unique body, mind and emotions, and how they help and hinder you in living your dream life


We guide you to make changes to your daily lifestyle to address your specific health and emotional challenges


We educate and help you on how to stay disciplined with healthy habits and make them a consistent part of you daily life

Diet . Yoga . Relaxation . Sleep . Positive Thinking


You participate in online wellness plans to better understand your own body and mind, take control of your health and emotions, and make healthy habits part of daily life

Health Counseling

You work with an Ayurvedic expert to address your specific health challenges, make ongoing corrections and get your health back on track

Intensive programs

You work with an Ayurvedic expert for a fixed period of time and focus on a specific health challenge, address various factors that cause the challenge, and come up with comprehensive solutions to correct your health.

“I feel empowered, food can be either a medicine or poison. I feel like I’ve broken my sugar craving”

Unleash Energy & Strength Program graduate
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