One surprising kitchen remedy that can stop stress induced heartburn and hyper-acidity

Have you ever felt like you’ve been punched in the stomach on hearing some unexpected but bad news? Maybe your significant other broke up with you on a vacation getaway or your boss fired you after you just met your target. Did you feel a sense of outrage or despair? Can you not stop thinking about and analyzing the situation? Are you not sleeping properly? Has this stress morph into a heartburn that seemed determined to burn your gastro-intestinal tract?

Try the following kitchen remedy

Ginger + Lemon

  1. Cut 1/2-inch piece of fresh ginger and crush it in mortar and pestle or with a back of spoon till you get fresh ginger juice
  2. Strain the fresh ginger juice
  3. Squeeze half a lemon to the ginger juice
  4. Drink the mixture
  5. Take a sip of cool or room temperature water

Why this works

Ginger is hot in potency and can increase the heat in your body. But when you are overthinking and over analyzing, you feel stuck, your ego doesn’t allow you to move beyond the situation. Ginger and lemon wakes you up and releases that heaviness in the mind and balances the heat in your gut.

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