We are not just interested in giving you the right information about healthy choices, but also in helping you become more aware of your own body and mind, and make changes to promote and sustain your health.

We meet you where you are in your wellness journey.

We offer the following services

This is a monthly membership plan for online content that is designed to help you understand your own body and mind, take control of your health and emotions, and make healthy habits part of daily life.

In this membership you’ll:

  • Learn about your Ayurvedic body-type and status of your overall health
  • Participate in online wellness plans to address specific emotional and health situations
  • Get body-type based recipes, exercises and other lifestyle routines
  • Get educated on how to understand your body and mind better
  • Discover how to break down healthy habits into simple, easy to do tasks
  • Learn from behavior experts on how to incorporate healthy habits into daily life
  • Get support to make sustainable changes from our online community

This is a monthly membership plan where you work with an Ayurvedic expert to address your specific health challenges, make ongoing corrections and get your health back on track. In this membership you’ll:

  • Get an initial complete health assessment with our Ayurveda expert
  • Learn about your Ayurvedic body-type and overall health
  • Get personalized information on herbs, diets and lifestyle routines to balance body and mind
  • Get a monthly 15-min phone checkup to monitor progress and make course corrections
  • Get unlimited email access to our expert

This is a 3-month program where you will work 1-on-1 with an Ayurveda expert to help:

  • Remove toxins from the body that stop you from feeling light and energetic
  • Release any pent-up emotions and develop a positive mindset
  • Strengthen digestion and metabolism
  • Develop new healthy habits with diet, exercise, sleep and other lifestyle routines

In this program, you will:

  • Get on 1 call once a week with an Ayurveda expert for 12 weeks
  • Learn a neuro-behavior modification system to incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle
  • Receive a customized detox plan and get personalized support to help implement it
  • Get diet charts based on your body-type
  • Get educated on exercise routines and sleep habits that are beneficial to you
  • Participate in weekly webinars
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